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Snohomish County Pricing

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$525.00* + tax
*Price is to clean a 1,000 gallon septic tank  (which does not include the pump tank), with the lids completely exposed PRIOR to our arrival. This price does not include dig fees and if we are at the location for more than 2 hours, additional labor fees will be incurred. Please note – any gallons extracted over 1,000 gallons will be charged at $0.525/gallon.
Step 1...
Locating the
septic tank & lids

Step 2...
Excavation of the
septic tank’s lids

Step 3...
Cleaning the
septic tank

If Value Septic needs to
locate your septic tank lids:

It is the property owner’s responsibility to know
where your septic tank lids are located. 

If you do not, then we can help locate them!  We can usually locate your tank using county records as part of the cost.

If your tank can not be located, then
 an “electronic locator” can be used to find it.
This service costs $250.00


If Value Septic needs to
uncover & expose your
septic tank lids:

The cost is $175.00/hour
with a 1 hour minimum

At Discount Septic we give our clients the opportunity to save $$$ by locating & uncovering their lids prior to our arrival.  If all your lids are exposed, then we don’t have to charge you for additional time & labor.

For our client’s savings and convenience, we have lowered our hourly labor rate 30% for digging fees.  Now that’s a big savings!


If you have completed Steps 1 & 2 then Value Septic will clean your 1,000 gallon tank with the lids exposed prior to our arrival for $525.00 + tax

Anything over 1,000 gallons is
$0.525 / gallon + tax.

Septic systems that have not been properly maintained for a long period of time, the client may incur additional costs for extra gallons and extra labor costs.

Neglecting the routine maintenance of your septic system may cause damage and shorten the life span of the system resulting in costly repairs.

Additional Pricing Information

Hourly labor rate is $275 (with a 1 hour minimum)

Dig fees are $175 per hour (with a 1 hour minimum)

Pump/Holding Tank Cleaning
(with a septic tank pumping) is $0.525 per gallon

Service call is $275

Long distance driving fee (over 25 miles one way) is $50

Septic/Pump or Holding tanks
500 gallons or less with lids exposed is $480 + tax

Senior Discounts Available

Prices, terms and conditions are subject to change.

Value Septic reserves the right to deem a property’s septic system unserviceable.
Lids that are blocked by such things as buildings, concrete blockings, room additions,
decks, trees, heavy brush or just plain junk will be deemed unserviceable.

Value Septic reserves the right to refuse service (for any reason).
We do not operate on snow and ice days.

Value Septic charges a $35 fee for any returned check or non payment.

Septic System Inspection & Certification


What is the purpose of a septic certification/inspection report?

These reports are needed for the sale of a home, but sometimes the county will require certification/inspection reports for businesses such as day care facilities, restaurants, etc.Our technicians check the septic system from the inlet pipe to the drainfield and document how the system is operating at the time of inspection.  

This report is not a warranty or a guarantee of how the system will perform in the future, but rather a full disclosure to all parties of how the system is operating on the date of inspection.

Sultan Pumper will conduct a $325 Inspection / Certification
with the purchase of a regular pumping 

*Inspection / Certifications without pumping is $400.00


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